Cattle Call Ranch
Atoka Oklahoma
580 364-6592  Belinda
Bubba, 2008 model  76" ttt.  Feisty Lee Jr and Double L Knight
breeding.  80" horn genetics.   He has great horn and body, a big
tall bull. We bought him from Mosser's Longhorns.   Some nice
2016 & 2017 bull calves and heifers for sale on our calves page
for sale that are out of him.  
4 yr. old own son of Gene Lee, 84" ttt bull and Fiesty
75" plus.   Multiple over 80" ttt animals in his
pedigree.   Real gentle bull.    Great color, good bodied
with a ton of  horn. 7
3" ttt and around 94" of total horn.  
Ready to work.  Price $3850
Reference bull-Wayne 4 year old bull out of TS Super
Star Regard pictured above.    83 1/2" ttt with a 21"
dia base at 4 yrs old
2018 calves on the ground and breeding cows back
to him.
Cowboy Double Barrel Chex - 4 yr old Cowboy Chex bull out of a
Hunts Command Respect cow.  64" ttt at 26 months  Our new herd
bull.  Currently breeding all our heifers.  He has great bases and
length to his horn.  Will mature in the 80's ttt.  He has it all, horn, size
and color.  1/2 brother to the longest bull on record at 90" ttt Cowboy
Tuff Chex.  Sold for $165,000 in 2017  sold
20 month old bull by the 76" black bull above.  Good flat
horns and good size.  Ready to got to work and would
work great on heifers.  
Top breeding and horn genetic in
the 70's.
Price $1500
2 nice 15-17 month old bulls.  Out of JP Rio
Grand and Top Caliber breeding.
Very flat
horns on both bulls and gentle.  Will follow
you with a feed bucket.  
 $1250 each
15 month old bull with a lot of potenial
out of a big
70" horned cow.  Real pretty
speckled up bull
with a lot of big based
and flat horn
 Gentle  $1650.
Sire of Wayne, TS Super
Star Regard.  84" ttt
His grandmother and his father.
2018 bull calves out of 70" horned females
and various top bulls.  $750-$1000  (8-10
months old.)  More bulls not pictured.