Starter herd pricing for 3-5 cows
and a bull.  Heifers on calves
page.  Can deliver
Cattle Call Ranch
Atoka, Ok
580 364-6592  Belinda
80" tip to tip. 3 year old bull by Star Regard.  
Reference bull for what our cows are bred to for
2018 calves.
12 yr old cow.  Big bodied cow with
a lot of total horn.   
Bred back to our
80" horned bull for 2018.
10/2012 cow out of Hot Playboy
and Overwhelming Toro on bottom
side.  Lots of horn.  Bull calf at side
by the black 76" horned bull and
bred back to the red Star Regard
bull. $2
2/2013 cow.  Ruckus by Top Caliber and
Winchester breeding.    Lots of horn.  Out
of 80" tip to tip genetics. Very gentle
cow.   Price $2
450.  Bred back to our red
Star Regrad bull
Mother to this cow.  Our
biggest cow with her
horns laying way back.
11/2012 cow.  DH Red Ranger and
Dixie Hunter.  Lots of total horn.     
ull calf by our black bull. Bred
back to our red and white 80" ttt
horned bull for 2018 3 n 1 package
Price $2
4 year old bred cow, Ron
Marquess breeding.    Bred
back for 2018    $2
13 year old Cowboy Man cow.  This is
a big beautiful cow that is super
gentle and has great calves.   201
bred back to the 80" ttt red and white
Price $2150
76" tip to tip.  Reference bull that all
the cows for sale are bred to.  Big
bull that throws alot of horn and
size.  Very gentle.  Also for sale for
Rosie, 8 yr old cow, beautiful bright red color  
Real pretty cow with that raises a nice calf every
Bred back for 2018 to the 80" ttt bull.  Price
Her 2016 bull calf.  Sold separately.
12 months old.  Price $1200  Out of
a Brindle Wyoming Warpaint bull
that was 74" ttt.