Cattle Call Ranch
Atoka Oklahoma
580 364-6592  Belinda
10 month to 2 year old Bulls and steers
Heifer at end of page
Starter herd packages. 3-4 cows and a bull
2 yr  old bull out of Gene Lee an 84"ttt
bull and a beautiful 77" cow  Ready to
go to work.  This bull is really nice.  
Very gentle.  Price $2
2017 bull calves out of  our black
76" bul
l.  Price $1000 each
3/2015 bull calf out of a Letter of Credit
cow and our black 76" ttt Feisty Lee Jr.  
black bull.  Price $1350
3/2015 bull by a J.R Grand Slam cow.  almost 80" ttt
horned bull at 4 yrs old  Lots of color and horn.  
Ready for breeding heifers. His sire and mother
pictured.   Price $1
This bulls father and grand mother
22 month old brindle bull out of one of The Fan
Man x Tempter and Farlap Chex on the bottom
side.    Price $1
Mother to brindle bull.  Very flat
horned cow.
Heifer Out of our stockton multi colored
cow and the black bull with 76" ttt horns.  
Nice heifer  Price $1
Heifers for sale
KC Just Respect son.  Just over 1 year
old.  Really going to be a big bull with
big horns.  Price $2
2016 bull calf.    Price  $1200  Out of a
Wyoming Warpaint bull in picture
We have yearling angus heifers for $1250 each  and
some 3 year old angus cows with calves for $1850
each. Black Baldie bulls for $1
250   Nice starter herd
packages.  Some angus cows with calves.  $2200 for
the pairs.
2016 registered longhorn
heifers  $1
850 Bred to our
Cowboy Chex bull.  
Yearling heifer out of our black 76" ttt
bull.  Nice laid back horns.  Very gentle.  
Price $1500
Heifers mother.  She is also for
sale $2000 bred back
Cross bred steers $650.   
Great for working horses or
His sire 85" tip to tip
Roping Cattle below.  Steers and heifers.  
Longhorn and Corientes.  $650 each
1 year old black and white bull and 1 1/2 year old black
bull.  Both out of Bubba, 76" bull.  $1250 each.
Mother to black and white bull.
2016 heifer out of this JP Rio Grand
cow and our 76" ttt black bull.  $1500
2017 red heifers out of the 76" ttt horned black bull.  
Ready to wean.  $1250 each.  We have 3 red heifers